Sir Fixed it for Jim

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Sir Fixed it for Jim

How did Jim fix it so that his child abuse was never examined?

Everybody now seems to have known about it so why was nothing done about it?

Did whistleblowers try to get the authorities to act? Or were they put off by his obvious power and influence?

The initial rumours suggested that only one police force, the Surrey Constabulary had investigated an allegation of abuse against Savile in the 1970s, which could not be substantiated.

But then other tales began to emerge about victims of Savile’s abuse being interviewed, but nothing further happening because of who the allegations were against. There are also accounts of victims not complaining because of the prospect of not being believed, due to the power of the alleged abuser.

I find these stories credible. Sir James Winston Vincent Savile, OBE, KCSG was a powerful and influential man…

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